#UC regents forced to limit enrollment of out-of-state students

The University of California regents are expected to limit enrollment of out-of-state students for the first time, amid pressure from state lawmakers dismayed that the university doubled the number of high-paying nonresidents in the past five years.

Six UC campuses would cap enrollment of nonresident undergraduates at 20 percent, guaranteeing that at least 80 percent of campus undergrads would be from California. The remaining three campuses — UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and UCLA — already exceed the proposed cap, at 24.4, 22.9, and 22.8 percent, respectively, and would be allowed to maintain those levels.

The state budget gives the regents until May 1 to adopt a policy limiting out-of-state students, a move UC has been reluctant to make because nonresidents pay roughly triple the tuition and fees of California residents and infuse the system with cash. The money brought in by nonresidents — $550 million this year — is used to subsidize the tuition of low-income Californians and hire additional faculty, among other benefits, UC officials argue. California undergraduates pay $13,400 in annual tuition and fees; nonresidents pay $38,108. (Both will rise in the fall by about 3 and 4 percent, respectively.)

But state lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown have watched in alarm as the number of nonresident undergraduates more than doubled since 2012 (from 16,929 to 34,673) and the percentage rose from 9 to 16.5 percent. To halt the trend, lawmakers built into the budget an $18.5 million incentive for the autonomous university.

In exchange for limiting nonresidents, the state budget provides the nearly $19 million to pay for enrolling an additional 2,500 California residents in fall 2017.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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