Congressman Tom McClintock shores up his position as the ‘King of GOP Racists’

Congressman Tom McClintock represents only those who identify with his ideology – and no one else. He seems impervious to shame, and incapable of publicly expressing compassion to those who don’t fall within the margins of his rigidly held beliefs.

At a town hall meeting in El Dorado Hills on Saturday, McClintock told a young woman that she should go back to where she came from – El Salvador – even though she was brought to the U.S. as a child and raised here. He told a pair of gay teenagers that their concerns were not his.

At gatherings with his constituents, McClintock doesn’t shy away from giving faithful odes to his party’s narrow-minded, nativist policies. And perhaps as much as any legislator in America, he’s built for this kind of an ideological exercise.

He lives in Elk Grove and he shopped around until he found the perfect district for him – the 4th Congressional District, one of the most conservative in California.

This district doesn’t seem to care if its congressional representative does anything for them so long as he or she echoes their racist views.

“I want to see the Constitution continued the way the founders intended it,” McClintock supporter Jack Fraim said. “I’d like our borders and customs and language to be honored.”

Catch that? He’d like his borders and customs and language to be honored.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee



  1. Good For Tom.. He’s telling it like it is. These ” constituents” were plants according to at least 3 stories. The illegal SHOULD be ready to return to her country as she is.. well.. illegal. She was trying to trip him up and then run to the press saying he was against Presidents Trump immigration agenda. The two gays just need to grow up and stop being fixated with their sexual orientation. Oblivious demoRAT plants. He handled it well and the audience was respectful this time around.Not like last time were Obama and Soro plants purposely rioted. It time for GOP Congressmen and woman to stand firm.. again.. Thank You Tom for sticking to your principals.


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