Government uses you cell phone and smart TV to spy on you


The Central Intelligence Agency may be using everyday devices — from the phone in your pocket to the television set in your bedroom — to spy on people at home and abroad using sophisticated hacking tools and software.

Nearly 9,000 pages of internal CIA documents, indicated that the spy agency had gained access to Android and Apple smartphones, Samsung SmartTVs and Internet-enabled cars using a variety of tools.

Dozens of device-specific vulnerabilities and attacks were named in the documents.

While the technology companies whose products were cited in the documents scrambled to identify and patch security holes, experts warned that the government authorized spying operation may have open people up to attacks from criminals or other countries aiming to exploit the same vulnerabilities to collect private data.

CIA hackers found a way to break into smartphones and read — or listen — to messages in real time, before the communication could be encrypted by the apps transmitting them, according to the documents.

Apple, Google and WhatsApp declined to comment on the security risks revealed in the leak. Samsung did not reply to a request for comment.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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