Gravy-train may be derailing and California’s healthcare lobby is freaking out


The gravy-train may be derailing and greedy California healthcare lobbyists don’t like it.

So they’re blasting a Republican plan to replace President Barack Obama’s health care law, warning it would it would have an especially tough impact in the nation’s largest state.

As Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration and officials in the state Legislature rushed to analyze the GOP legislation for its effects on California, advocacy groups said the legislation would likely mean some people lose health coverage while others face higher costs.

It’s an AstroTurf campaign designed to keep healthcare dollars flowing into insurance companies and healthcare lobbyists in Sacramento.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle



One comment

  1. Caly cannot afford to keep over 1/3 of the population on MediCal.. It;s going broke and sugar daddy Barry Soweto ain’t around no mo to slide Barrio Jerry ..Taxpayers monies for free. It’s Time for Jerry to grow up and start acting like a responsible adult and not a 20 year 60’s radical which is exactly who he is..


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