#Liberals defend ‘honor killings’ by #Islamics

In an August campaign speech on foreign policy, Donald Trump discussed what he called a grave threat to the country: honor killings of women by Muslims.

“Shockingly,” he said at the Ohio rally, “this is a practice that has reached our own shores … many, many cases have happened.”

He’s right of course. The psychopath Islamics who do this need to be dealt with accordingly.

Liberals however say the language suggests the administration is seeking to exploit fear by unfairly tying foreign nationals, specifically Muslims, to a unique affinity for barbaric crime.

In essence the Left in America hate’s Trump so much they’re OK with honor-killings.

The term “honor killings” typically refers to the murder of girls and women by family members or loved ones for bringing perceived dishonor on the family. It’s an issue in Pakistan, where there were nearly 1,100 honor killings in 2015.

Many Islmaics are here now and every rational person understands that this hideous epidemic has reached our shores.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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