Insurance Commissioner @CA_DaveJones’ “death spiral” talk is absurd

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones blasted House Republicans’ proposed bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday, saying it would deal a devastating blow to the state’s health insurance marketplace and potentially leave 5 million Californians without health coverage.

“Many people will just decide that they don’t need health insurance because they’re healthy, and there’s no longer a mandate that they have to have it…so they’ll roll the dice much like they did before the Affordable Care Act and hope they don’t get sick,” Jones said at a news conference.

Jones, the state’s top health insurance regulator (and complete tool of the insurance industry) is also running for California attorney general in 2018.

Jones cautioned that the GOP proposal would lead to a health care death spiral that would result in skyrocketing premiums and millions more uninsured.

That’s pretty funny, as if our current system isn’t on the road to insolvency already. WTF how stupid does Commissioner Jones think the people of California are?

Jones needs to break free of the insurance lobby, act like a man, and make decisions while in his current office that actually help people.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


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