@CA_DaveJones’ convient/distrubing memory lapse

No wonder the insurance industry in California is a disaster. It appears at the helm is a leader who can’t remember important details about his job.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, campaigning to become the state’s top law enforcement official, has forgotten how he voted four months ago on the statewide initiative to legalize recreational marijuana.

Jones, a Democrat from Sacramento, revealed the lapse in memory in a meeting with The Sacramento Bee Capitol Bureau Wednesday afternoon.“How did I vote on Prop. 64?” Jones asked in response to a question about his vote. “I don’t want to get it wrong. So I probably won’t say.”

Jones, running for state attorney general next year against incumbent Democrat Xavier Becerra, was asked specifically whether he remembered.“I truly do not,” Jones replied.

WTF? Here you have it: Husband, Father, Legal Aid Lawyer, Counsel to US AG, White House Fellow, Councilmember, Assemblymember, Insurance Commissioner, Candidate for CA Attorney General…and guy who can’t remember things.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. coward demoRAT.. Of course he voted for reefer legalization… Thats what demoRATS do.. drugs, lite on criminals huge taxes and de-ball the police. since he can’t answer a straight question… like other politicians… he should be forgotten.


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