#CalPERS looking to spike the pension of criminal cop

A former California Highway Patrol assistant chief who is on trial for helping his son flee to Mexico after being accused of rape is eligible for a tax-free disability pension because the state agreed not to discipline him when it accepted his resignation four years ago.

Kyle Scarber, 53, has been receiving a pension worth about $125,000 a year since 2013, when the CHP accused him of assisting his son’s drive to the Mexican border and misleading Fresno County sheriff’s deputies by falsely reporting that his son had gone missing.

The former CHP officer is facing criminal charges for his alleged role in the getaway in Fresno Superior Court, where he and his wife have pleaded not guilty.

Next week, he’ll ask the California Public Employees’ Retirement System to affirm a decision allowing him to apply for a more lucrative disability pension. If his request is successful, he likely would earn a similar income but he would not have to pay taxes on it.

So far, CalPERS board members have sided with Scarber even as they expressed misgivings about his career in public service.

Read the whole disgusting story in the Sacramento Bee


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