#Schwarzenegger ruling…a despicable injustice

Little in public life is as antidemocratic, as redolent of monarchical caprice, arguably as un-American as the power of governors and presidents to pardon criminals and commute sentences.

No doubt there are times when a chief executive’s pardon is all that saved an improperly convicted person from unfair punishment. The challenge may be to find a way to replace the pardon with something more democratic and transparent and just as effective.

Until then, we have memories of President Gerald Ford pardoning President Richard Nixon; President Bill Clinton pardoning fugitive Marc Rich for financial misdeeds; of President George W. Bush cutting the sentence of Scooter Libby for perjury and obstruction of justice in the outing of the CIA’s Valerie Plame.

And Schwarzenegger commuting the sentence of a political crony’s son.

Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Daily News


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