Mentally ill man gunned down by #SFPD now faces assault charges

In the Police State this is how things work.

A judge Thursday ordered a man shot by police to stand trial on multiple felony charges for alleged attacks on officers.

Judge Ethan Schulman dismissed two counts of criminal threats following a three day preliminary hearing, but ordered Sean Moore, 43, to stand trial on 10 charges including assault upon a peace officer with force likely to cause great bodily injury, battery with injury on a peace officer and threats to an executive officer.

Officer body-worn camera footage shows that Moore responded with hostility and anger when Officers Kenneth Cha and Colin Patino officers knocked on his door, repeatedly ordering them off his property.

So the officers shot him.

Moore’s shooting has generated controversy, with family members arguing that police should have backed off, deescalated the situation and called in someone with crisis intervention training when it became clear that Moore, who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, was hostile and agitated.

The Public Defender’s Office has also called out the police response as racially biased, alleging that a similar incident involving a white suspect rather than a black man would not have ended in a shooting. Moore was unarmed during the incident.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner


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