The #PoliceState isn’t too keen on California’s ‘sanctuary state’ scheme

University and city police chiefs say they don’t want to become embroiled in a political debate over immigration, or damage hard-earned trust in vulnerable communities where they need immigrants to come forward as crime victims and witnesses. And yet, some law enforcement officials say, the legislation as written could make their jobs harder by restricting the sharing of information and officers in joint investigations.

The proposal, introduced by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security, from using resources to investigate, detain, report or arrest people for immigration enforcement. Within three months of its enactment, the state Department of Justice would publish policies on the limits in assistance to federal officials.

The legislation also aims to protect immigrants’ personal data, requiring state agencies to ensure that they are only collecting necessary information.

De León introduced the bill in response to President Trump’s executive orders on immigration, one of which pledged to cut federal dollars from so-called sanctuary cities where policies limit the cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

The Senate leader has said his effort builds on the California Trust Act, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in October 2013, which prevents law enforcement agencies from detaining immigrants longer than necessary for minor crimes, thereby helping federal immigration authorities take them into custody.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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