California welcomes #ISIS, joins lawsuit challenging #Trump’s travel ban

Great news for ISIS. Bad news for all their future victims here in the Golden State.

California is joining Washington and other states as a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s latest travel ban as an unconstitutional overreach, state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra said Monday.

The lawsuit that California will join Monday says the narrower, temporary ban on travel from six majority-Muslim countries represents unconstitutional religious discrimination. A broader executive order by President Trump had previously been put on hold by the courts.

California is joining Washington, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Massachusetts and Minnesota in challenging the new travel order.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One comment

  1. Since BILL Klinton Bush AND Barry Obama Soweto ALL did the same bans for the EXACT SAME COUNTRIES using the exact same law AND NOT ONE peep from these fellow travelers. I am so looking forward to the up coming 2018 elections when another couple of hundred demoCRAPS will be removed from office and the Senate falls even more into Repub domination. This is disgusting and putting all Americans in grave danger


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