92-year-old #veteran evicted to make room for rich #SiliconValley tennants

Paul Mayer has  until April 4 to clear out.“I’d be willing to pay more rent if we could work something out with them,” the 92-year-old veteran said on a recent afternoon.

“But they didn’t even bother. They just said, ‘Get out.’ And I don’t know where to go.”

The property owner, Peggy Ramirez DeMaio, said that although Mayer has been a model tenant, all renters in her 16-unit building on Magliocco Avenue must go so she can fix it up.

Yeah right. Fix it up so she can jack up the rent. Either way, Mr. Mayer loses.

Mayer is part of the latest chapter in the story of San Jose’s housing struggle: A city that bills itself as the ‘Capital of Silicon Valley’ is grappling with how to house those the technology industry and its vast riches have left behind — waitresses, schoolteachers, janitors, retirees and countless others.

In reality Mayer is expendable. This is all about making space for rich Silicon Valley pukes. Screw everyone else.

Read the whole story in the Mercury News


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