#California panics as #Trump talks budget cuts

President Donald Trump’s budget would deliver a painful financial blow to California, with the potential to push a state that has struggled for years to keep its books balanced back into the kind of red ink that consumed it after the housing market collapse a decade ago.

The president’s blueprint would disrupt almost everything California does. For a state that has sucked money out of taxpayers for years, the cuts would be brutal.

Labor unions would be eviscerated.

Welfare would be slashed.

For all the positioning in Sacramento around standing up to the Trump administration and continuing liberal policies, the state is still deeply dependent on Washington.

Federal dollars make up about a third of California’s state budget.

It’s a lot of free money, and it could be going away.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. There yu have it folks.. Jerry “Barrio” Brown like all Socialists, depend on other peoples money to run the Socialist nightmare that he and his fellow followers of Karl Marx have been building for years… That little reefer dream of an ” Independent Autonomous State” Loosely associated with America is about to go boom. Gavins idea of free college, universal healthcare, and a 10 year moratorium on taxes for teachers, just ran smack into reality. Thank You President Trump for fulling another election promise to cut government,


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