Federal judges block #Trump’s latest travel ban – another big win for #ISIS

A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order blocking President Trump’s ban on travel from parts of the Muslim world.

A second federal judge in Maryland ruled against Mr. Trump overnight, with a separate order forbidding the core provision of the travel ban from going into effect.

America remains at risk.

In a pointed decision that repeatedly invoked Mr. Trump’s public comments, Judge Derrick K. Watson, of Federal District Court in Honolulu, wrote that a “reasonable, objective observer” would view even the new order as “issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion, in spite of its stated, religiously neutral purpose.”

In Maryland, Judge Theodore D. Chuang echoed that conclusion hours later.

This is another big win for the Islamics who have as their core belief the destruction of America.

Read the whole story in the New York Times



One comment

  1. The story doesn’t mention that Comrade Barry Soweto Obama had just ” Happen ” top fly into Honolulu earlier the previous day and was having lunch at a Thai restaurant about 3 minutes from the judges home and 5 minutes form his office.. This same judge was also appointed to the bench by Barry in 2013.. More attempts at a soft coup by Obama to try to save his failed and unraveling legacy.


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