Environmentalists target a new enemy: plastic straws

Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 08.15.44

The new trendy target for those who want to reduce the stream of plastic flowing into our oceans, beaches and parks, is something smaller — plastic straws.

It’s why a growing number of organizations — some in California, some around the world — are working to reduce or eliminate the number of plastic straws in our daily lives.

Straws, it turns out, are an easy target. Aside from those who need them for medical reasons and squirming kids, most people can easily do without them.

Choosing to not use a plastic straw is “a tangible thing anyone can do,” said Jackie Nunez, a kayak guide from Santa Cruz who in 2011 launched The Last Plastic Straw campaign.

It turns out straws are a quiet part of everyday life. Americans use about 500 million straws a day.

Read the whole story in the Mercury News


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