Is Desley Brooks turning Oakland pot permits into a racketeering scheme?

There’s something funky about how the Oakland City Council — and Councilwoman Desley Brooks, in particular — has handled the city’s pot-business permit system.

It doesn’t smell right.

She insists it’s about equity, reparations for people of color disproportionately affected by marijuana arrests and convictions.

But Brooks hasn’t explained how black and brown people will actually benefit, long term, from her plan.

Instead, she has managed to toss up roadblocks to the city’s permitting system — and her colleagues on the council have allowed her to do it.

It’s difficult to buy into the notion that Brooks is doing all of this for selfless reasons.

Right now, it seems that the only thing she has accomplished is to stall the permitting process and discourage existing businesses from staying in Oakland.

And why would she want to do that?

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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