Pathetic #Oakland continues to play games with #GhostShip fire investigation

This isn’t about finding out why people died and preventing another tragedy…it’s about protecting political careers.

In an escalating legal feud over the investigation into the Ghost Ship tragedy, Alameda County prosecutors have tried without success in recent weeks to pry the completed draft report of the deadly fire from the city’s hands.

The District Attorney’s Office has been seeking the critical report for the past month from the Oakland Fire Department and City Attorney’s Office, and legal experts contacted for this story say the city’s delay in handing it over may violate the law.

On Dec. 2, 36 people died in the Fruitvale District warehouse while attending a music party. Days after the city’s deadliest blaze was extinguished, the district attorney launched a criminal probe into the fire. More than three months later, no final report or cause of the fire has been announced by the Oakland Fire Department to the public.

Retiring fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed, who has been out on extended leave, refused to discuss the matter when reached Friday by phone.

Read the whole story in the Mercury News


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