#Proposition13 really isn’t keeping your tax burden low

Some like to claim that Proposition 13 has decimated local government revenue and made California a low property tax state, but this is hardly the case.

Local governments are far from starved for revenue.

Californians still end up paying much more than most in property taxes.

A number of states — such as Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas and Washington — have higher property tax rates than California, but that is largely because they do not have any income tax.

In addition to its onerous property taxes, California has not only the highest marginal income tax rate, but the highest four income tax rates, the highest state sales tax, the ninth-highest corporate income tax rate and the fifth-highest gas tax rate.

And while Prop. 13 succeeded in keeping down property taxes, cities and counties have found creative ways to increase overall tax revenue per person, such as by imposing and raising sales, utility and hotel taxes; development impact fees and Mello-Roos assessments, the latter two of which are used to pay for infrastructure and other costs related to developments.

Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Daily News


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