Feckless #ContraCosta County hired psychopath social worker

Contra Costa County hired a social worker who has her own history of domestic violence and participated in an infamous “Dirty DUI” scheme to entrap her ex-husband for drunken driving.

Suzanne Porter was under a civil domestic violence restraining order when the county hired her in November 2014 as a social worker. She has since been promoted twice and the responsibilities in her current job description include handling domestic violence cases.


The Contra Costa Employment and Human Services Department was not aware of the restraining order against Porter when they hired her, said Director Kathy Gallagher.

That’s because, no matter how sensitive the position, the department only does background checks for criminal convictions. “We don’t consider it relevant what’s going on in their personal lives,” Gallagher said.

Say what?

Ironically, while Porter’s bosses didn’t know about her history, county attorneys did. Her ex-husband, Hasan Arda Aksu, had sued her, her father and the county for civil rights violations stemming from the entrapment scheme, which involved a corrupt sheriff’s deputy.

The county eventually paid $260,000 to settle its portion of the case. Porter and her father, Terrence Thompson, settled their part of the lawsuit for undisclosed terms.

Private investigator Christopher Butler and former county Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen Tanabe went to prison for their roles in the DUI scam. Butler said he attempted similar schemes about a dozen times to entrap men who were embroiled in child custody battles.

Read the whole story in the East Bay Times


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