Next for #California: El Niño

Good thing California leaders used the drought years to shore up the states’s flagging water infrastructure and build more water storage capacity. Oh, wait a minute, that actually didn’t happen.

If you’re one who thinks California has seen enough rain this year, just wait, there may be more to come. Say hello to more mudslides and flooding.

Federal forecasters this week said that the chances of an El Niño developing by fall are on the rise — now between 50 and 55 percent —an outlook that could skew the odds in favor of yet another wet winter.

“There are a lot of players on the (weather) field,” said Emily Becker, a research scientist with the Climate Prediction Center, the federal agency that released the latest report on the El Niño climate pattern.

The state is already seeing some of its wettest weather in recorded history.

According to Golden Gate Weather Services, this year’s rainy season, going back to July, has seen just 0.27 inches less than the record-setting 28.30 inches of rain that had fallen — on average across the state — at this point in the soggy 1968-69 rain year.

Meanwhile, precipitation in the northern Sierra, which is crucial to the state’s fickle water supply, is tracking ahead of any previous year.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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