Phony Conservative @DarrellIssa turned Left to save his job

Darrell Issa built a reputation in Congress as an imposing conservative attack dog.

Now however, he’s basically turned into another feckless politician who will say or do anything to get re-elected.

However with Democrats closing in on his seat last fall, Issa mailed a campaign ad praising President Barack Obama for signing a victims rights bill Issa supported — the same Obama he unrelentingly criticized while serving as the high-profile chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

The pro-life congressman, who squeaked out reelection to a ninth term by 0.7 percentage points, told constituents at a town hall March 11 that he opposed fellow Republicans’ call to defund Planned Parenthood.

Despite a lifetime legislative score of just 4 percent from the League of Conservation Voters, Issa also told the crowd that he also opposed any reduction in funding to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Two days later, the same politician who’s said there’s no consensus on climate change joined the House Climate Solutions Caucus.

He’s expressed reservations with the GOP’s proposed replacement to Obamacare and has taken other steps to distance himself from President Donald Trump.

Read the whole story in the Orange County Register


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