Federal oversight of the brutal #SFPD to continue

The Justice Department will extend its oversight of San Francisco Police Department.

The Community Oriented Policing Service of the federal Department of Justice announced they will extend its oversight of the ongoing reforms at the San Francisco Police Department through June.

The COPS Office began its collaborative review of the troubled Police Department in early 2016, before former Chief Greg Suhr resigned following a series of brutal attacks on citizens by the police.

The department has been in turmoil for the past several years with a number of scandals shaking the organization, and was pressured by the public to increase its transparency and reform how it polices minority communities.

Suhr resigned after a third fatal police shooting in less than six months, all of which angered members of the public following the release of a video of the killing of Mario Woods in December 2015.

Meanwhile, two separate bigoted text message scandals came to light, and it was discovered that police were sending such messages to one another.

Even before those revelations, a group of officers were convicted for illegally searching residential hotels and, in the case of three other officers, robbing drug dealers of their money and possessions.

All of these scandals and killings, as well as a vocal group of activists, pushed local politicians to impose reforms inside the department, which culminated in the naming of a new police chief in order to put into place the reform package.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner


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