Media ridicules conservative group for exposing brutal San Francisco teacher

A conservative group is being attacked for publishing hidden-camera footage of a brutal San Francisco school teacher.

Project Veritas published a video showing a teacher admit to clotheslining a student and talk about hitting children.

Because Project Veritas is a conservative organization, the media attention in San Francisco has been focused on them, no on the obvious brutality in the classroom.

The fact-finding organization sent two undercover employees, one posing as a teacher and the other as the friend of a teacher who hit a student, to San Francisco to expose what it called a “culture of secrecy and cover up” in teachers unions across the nation.

The duo used a hidden camera to capture union representative Antonio Mankini saying he “clotheslined a kid in class one time.”

“I was pretending I was pointing at the kids and the kids saw the kid went down,” Mankini says in the video.

“I crossed the line. I know I made it look like an accident and all the witnesses would have said, ‘No, he ran into my arm.’ I didn’t, like, reach over to knock him down, you know. He ran into me.”

At least the San Francisco Unified School District’s spokesperson Gentle Blythe called the alleged comments “very disturbing.”

“We have grave concerns about the behavior Mr. Mankini references and encourage any former students, staff or family members who may have experienced mistreatment from Mr. Mankini or any other district employee to report their concerns immediately,” Blythe said.

However, San Francisco “journalism experts” have focused instead on ridiculing Project Veritas while ignoring the classroom brutality.

Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner


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