#Racist California schools systematically harass black students

The California School Dashboard shines a new light on suspension rates, using them as an indicator of how well a school is doing.

The focus on suspensions comes after years of activism and research that show that suspensions are costly, can lead to students dropping out, and can be unfair, because teachers and administrators systematically harass and persecute black students.

Even though black students make up only 6% of the state’s public school enrollment, they receive 19.8% of suspensions.

It gets worse. The problem is concentrated in just under one-third of schools. Schools that have a high suspension rate for black students were predominantly bigger schools and middle schools. They were also more likely to be schools with higher concentrations of black students.

These schools are in racially concentrated and very poor neighborhoods.

Racist white school officials view a perceived threat posed by higher concentrations of black students. Such a school are more likely to have more security officers and higher rates of punishment.

Read the whole story in the LA Times

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