#ElCerrito, #ISIS appreciates your support

ISIS is no doubt thrilled.

El Cerrito has joined a growing list of Bay Area communities declaring themselves sanctuary cities. It’s another community in which the Islamic State’s operative can roam freely.

The unanimous decision by the City Council was greeted with cheers from a packed house in the council chamber after 17 public speakers voiced their approval of the initiative versus none opposed.

Welcome to El Cerrito.

Councilman Greg Lyman succeeded in adding an amendment that would encouraging Contra Costa supervisors to make a similar designation for the county.

That would really please the Islamics.

The council also passed a resolution in favor of SB 54, a proposal now in the state Legislature that would declare California a “sanctuary state” and, among other provisions, prohibit federal immigration enforcement in schools, hospitals and courthouses.

In making a report on the city’s research into federal immigration law, assistant City Manager Karen Pinkos told the council that local law enforcement agencies are not required to ask about the immigration status of individuals whom they come into contact with.

Read the whole story in the Mercury News


    • ISIS is known to operate freely in sanctuary communities. That’s why they have such a heavy presence in the European Union.

      Their modus operandi is to use sanctuary cities as a base for directing operations against the West.


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