Greedy #SiliconValley goes begging to #Trump for #Caltrain funds

Greedy feckless Silicon Valley business and leaders fired off a letter to President Donald Trump and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, asking them to make good on federal promises to allocate $647 million to electrify Caltrain from San Jose to Francisco.

The richest community on earth wants more free money from Washington.

The Federal Transit Agency reneged on the deal after 14 House Republicans who oppose another project — the state’s high-speed rail — voiced their objections.

After trashing President Trump during his campaign for the White House, it should become clear to Silicon Valley leaders that they should probably pay for this themselves. WTF were they thinking?

Read the whole story in the Mercury News


  1. That’s right folks, the crackpot billionaires like Little Zuker want your tax monies while they hire techies from India on H1B visa’s for half the cost of an American worker.


  2. If I was a smart, rich, Silicon Valley individual I too would ask for someone else’s money before I’d ever spend my own. Sounds like a sound business move to me. Of course the region can afford to pay for it themselves, DUH! This articles states nothing new and only serves fuel the flames already dividing our country. Appalling journalism!


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