Secret list ID’s hundreds of #LASD deputies who have committed crimes

Los Angeles County has 300 deputies loose on the streets, with badges and guns, who have committed serious misconduct.  The list is secret thanks to the deputies’ union, the organization that owns literally every politician in City Hall.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s civilian oversight commission backed Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s attempt to send prosecutors the names of the lawless deputies.

The county commission’s move makes it the latest group to support the sheriff in the battle over a secret list of 300 problematic deputies whose history of misconduct could damage their credibility if they are ever called to testify in criminal cases.

Not to mention the at-risk Angelenos they interact with on a daily basis.

The Assn. for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs has sued the department over the disclosure. They routinely defend killer cops.

The department says about 300 deputies have in their personnel files contained evidence of “moral turpitude.” Such acts could include accepting bribes or gifts, misappropriating property, tampering with evidence, lying, obstructing investigations, falsifying records, using unreasonable force, discriminatory harassment and family violence.

In short, they’re brutal, psycho, killer cops who do crimes.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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