With #NorthKorea bearing down on the West Coast, #JerryBrown is worried

For Gov. Jerry Brown, the question isn’t why he spent so much time in Washington this week talking about the growing threat of nuclear annihilation — it’s why everyone else isn’t doing the same.

“Most people are kind of blithely unaware,” Brown said of the issue. “It doesn’t show up in the press. That’s why I say, ‘The end of the world is not news.’ ”

Brown, though, may be ready to launch a visible new effort to change that. His busy schedule in the nation’s capital this week was filled with discussions of disaster relief, transportation and healthcare. But those meetings were scheduled to accommodate time he spent with leaders of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce the threat of nuclear war.

Now that California is clearly in Kim Jong-un’s cross-hairs it’s probably time to worry.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One thought on “With #NorthKorea bearing down on the West Coast, #JerryBrown is worried

  1. Wanna bet that Barrio Jerry now wants to build his own Army, and have another tax so he can build his ,own missile defense system.


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