Yes, he was an #Islamic: #ISIS sub-human #KhalidMasood committed #London massacre

All of the sudden, Khalid Masood, 52, the man behind the terror attack on Westminster in central London, is the subject on an intense police investigation which has seen nine people arrested throughout the UK.

Masood is believed to have mostly lived in the West Midlands and the city of Birmingham in central England.

Although he was known to police in the UK, intelligence officers did not consider him to be a criminal posing any immediate threat. WTF were these morons thinking?

Clueless Scotland Yard urged members of the public who knew Masood to step forward with any information which could help in their investigation.

“Our investigation focuses on understanding his motivation, his operation and his associates,” said Mark Rowley, Britain’s senior counterterrorism police officer. Huh? He was an Islamic. What more is there to understand?

ISIS has acknowledged that Masood was one of their stooges.

Masood lived in Saudi Arabia in 2005. He is thought to have returned to the UK the following year, but had returned to Saudi Arabia between 2008 and 2009. Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of the violent Islamic world.

Read the whole story in the Euro News


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