The biggest welfare queen in America may be San Francisco

San Francisco, possibly America’s biggest welfare queen, remains in suspense over the impacts of President Donald Trump’s “skinny budget” proposal released last week.

As a result, San Francisco’s budget process one of the most challenging in recent years.

This comes after a period of budget processes made easy by the influx of revenues from a booming local economy since 2011, giving city officials a break from having to make tough cuts to services. There was also the stability of policies with eight years of a Democrat as U.S. president.

Under Trump, San Francisco has no idea what financial hit to expect.“We likely have significant and severe federal funding cuts coming, but it is entirely unclear about the timing of them, what the ultimate scale will be,” City Controller Ben Rosenfield told the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Federal Select Committee.

San Francisco’s current budget relies on $1.2 billion in federal funds — 13 percent of its overall budget — and an additional $800 million in federal grants.

Most of the funding is for federal entitlement programs, including food stamps, Calworks and Medicaid.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner


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