Poll: Californians not so keen on sanctuary cities for criminal illegal immigrants

In the face of de-funding threats from the Trump administration, a Leftist poll has suggested to the media that California voters support communities declaring themselves “sanctuary cities.”

But the Berkeley IGS Poll found that a majority oppose cities and counties being able to disregard federal requests to detain illegal immigrants who have been arrested and are pending release from custody.

Mark DiCamillo, director of the poll, said the findings show voters have less sympathy for unauthorized immigrants who have been arrested.

“Some voters are making a distinction between immigrants that local officials happen upon” vs. those who have been arrested, he said.

The Berkeley survey, conducted by the Institute of Governmental Studies, follows Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ warning Monday that the so-called “sanctuary cities” stand to be stripped of Justice Department grants for state and local law enforcement if they refuse to comply with federal immigration law.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Poll: Californians not so keen on sanctuary cities for criminal illegal immigrants

  1. Please stop the double Speak Please… The media and the Democrats are purposely blurring the lines between illegal aliens and ” immigrants” Immigrants come here legally.. Illegal aliens are border jumpers and their sycophants in the media lump them together. So they say, if your opposed to illegal immigration , according to the democrats and their media allies, you are also against ALL immigrants.


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