#TimDraper: Another boring rich guy trying to tell Californians how to live

Tim Draper, another Silicon Valley rich know-it-all, is plotting new proposals to “make California a great government again.”


After spending nearly $5.3 million on the Six Californias effort, Draper said he’s been polling, meeting with analysts, interest groups and subject-matter experts, and studying various geographical reconfigurations and policy reforms to create a California 2.0. Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

To heighten the suspense, Draper said his team is expecting some assistance from “the Brits.” He’s heard from Nigel Farage, the British politician who led the UK Independence Party and masterminded Brexit.

Draper remains uncommitted on the separate Calexit proposal that would have the Golden State secede from the United States. A statewide Berkeley IGS Poll found it is opposed by nearly 70 percent of voters.“I don’t know how I’ll vote for that, but I am not actively supporting it,” he said. “Whether California is a part of the United States or outside the United States, we have got to make our government work in California.”

This guy Draper has yet to come up with an original thought.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


One thought on “#TimDraper: Another boring rich guy trying to tell Californians how to live

  1. I’m pretty sure we fought a civil war 165 years ago to stop the South from Seceding. Kaly ain’t going anywhere and this reefer dream of the Socialists here is just that.. A reefer induced dream !!!!. I can see the mass exodus of citizens fleeing the coming dictatorship of Jerry and Newsom. and the surrounding states putting up walls to keep the Kaly crazies out of their states.


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