In #Mosul, #Islamic from #ISIS are posing as nice guys in order to gain access to the West

“We think he may be Islamic State,” the Iraqi police officer said.

The officer was seated behind the window of a trailer outside a United Nations displaced persons camp 20 miles south of Mosul. A laptop computer in front of him displayed a spreadsheet containing names of more than 40,000 Islamic State suspects.

Among them was the name of the bearded man standing before him, Ahmed Hussein Hasan.

Dozens of suspected Islamic State militants have been detained over the last two weeks as officers examine those flooding into the camps.

That’s how it’s going in Mosul. Islamic from ISIS are posing as nice guys, in order to gain access to the West. Of course the European Union and Liberals in America will embrace them, and more innocents will die.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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