Spring thaw is a time bomb about to explode – Hapless California leaders remain clueless

The spring thaw is about to trash hapless California.

Thousands of feet above the Owens Valley, melting snow dribbles from granite cracks, succumbing to the sun’s warmth and gravity’s pull.

Glistening rivulets streak the recently drought-parched alluvial fans that spill toward U.S. 395, and along Owens River a mosaic of puddles reflects the fang-like peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west and the Inyo and White ranges to the east.

In sleepy towns such as Lone Pine, Big Pine and Independence, an all-but-forgotten sound adds to the serenity, as water again gurgles in every ditch and drain pipe.

But while a sudden abundance of snowmelt has rendered this landscape particularly stunning this spring, it has also stirred a cacophony throughout the valley, as crews with chainsaws clear culverts, dozers reshape reservoirs and backhoes clank and roar, digging brush from the concrete aqueduct in a frantic effort to protect a key source of Los Angeles’ water.

Meanwhile California’s leaders remain clueless.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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