#Feckless #Oakland continues to #evict #seniors from their homes

Oakland, ruled by Liberals, a city of unimaginable cruelty.

Dorothy DeBose was given 10 minutes to vacate the house she’s lived in for most of her life.

DeBose left without her medication, wallet and financial documents. The locks were changed. Her furniture and clothes — just about everything — are still inside the white house with a gabled roof on Bancroft Avenue in East Oakland.

Oakland’s housing crisis is more than skyrocketing rental prices. DeBose, who was trapped by a risky pay-option mortgage, fell behind in payments and had her house snatched so quickly that she didn’t learn the house had been foreclosed and sold until the eviction process began.

Between 2007 and 2011, there were more than 10,500 completed foreclosures in Oakland, according to the Urban Strategies Council, an organization focused on eliminating poverty.

It’s how they roll in Oakland. The brutality metered out on the streets and clearly approved by City Hall comes swiftly…especially if you’re old, poor, and defenseless.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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