#SinglePayer health care system for California debated in Sacramento

Sen. Ricardo Lara on Thursday released some provisions of a proposed single-payer health care system that would drastically alter California’s insurance market, but details about how it would be financed are still pending.

Under the single-payer plan, the state would negotiate prices for services and prescriptions with providers, pharmaceutical companies and others.

Californians would be required to participate in the public program and insurance companies would be barred from offering coverage for services already included in the the plan, according to Lara’s office.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones told The Sacramento Bee on March 8, 2017 that other countries have cheaper insurance and better health outcomes because of their single-payer health care systems.

The Healthy California Act, also known as Senate Bill 562, would cover all medical care, including inpatient, outpatient, emergency care, dental, vision, mental health and nursing home care, according to a press release from Lara’s office.

The bill would eliminate co-pays and insurance deductibles, allow Californians to choose their doctor and referrals would not be required.

A nine-member unpaid board appointed by the governor and Legislature would oversee the health system. An advisory committee, consisting of doctors, nurses, consumers and other health care providers, also would guide public policy.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee

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  1. WOW.. there just isn’t ANY end to the stupidity of Jerry Brown or his Marxist legislature.. Toss massive tax increases for failing roads and infrastructure, FREE COLLEGE w expenses, generous welfare for illegal aliens and now … And NOW Single payer Canadian style rationed care other huge bureaucracy that will suck money up like a vacuum cleaner and BAM!!!! Welcome to Venezuela. If they think that President Trump and the other 40 states are going to pay for Barrio Browns Socialism, they have been smokin way to much Reefer. The costs will be absurd and in the beginning it will work for a few years like Obama care and then as illegals run to Kaly, like All socialist outcries, they begin to run iut of other peoples monies and the rationing begins. The taxes will be going through the roof.. You can see the


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