The @CaGOP #EpicFail Continues

The decline of California’s Republican Party, as underscored by the most recent voter registration data, is a truly remarkable, even historic, phenomenon.

Republicans haven’t been viable for major statewide office for two decades and haven’t won the state’s presidential votes in nearly three decades after dominating presidential elections during the post-World War II era.

And it’s not over yet.

The new registration report shows Republicans declining to just 25.97 percent of the state’s 19.4 million potential voters, 9 percentage points below the party’s nearly 35 percent share in 2000.

More bad news…Democrats aren’t doing much better. In fact, they’ve dropped about a half-point to 44.77 percent since 2000.

The big increase came in voters without a party preference, from 14.36 percent in 2000 to 24.51 percent in 2017. By next year’s general election, they may outnumber Republicans.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


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