State leaves disabled judge to die

Bonnie Campbell’s lawsuit centers on a sequence of events in the summer of 2015, when Larry Campbell’s supervising judge at the board’s San Jose office declined to continue exempting Campbell from a policy that required administrative judges like him to occasionally travel out of town for hearings.

The change meant that Campbell would have to drive to Modesto twice a month. If he refused, his employer would dock time from a leave bank Campbell had accumulated. Eventually, he could lose his job, according to his lawsuit.

Campbell had worked at the board’s San Jose office for 13 years. He took the bus to work from his home in Santa Cruz County because he had a heart condition and a doctor had advised him to avoid driving, according to the lawsuit.

His heart condition was common knowledge in his office, according to staff emails that an administrative law judge shared with The Bee. The judge asked that The Bee not name the authors of the emails because employees in the office worry they’ll experience retaliation from the board.

Campbell “knew he was being discriminated against and harassed because of his disability and his age,” read one message sent to the members of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. “He felt strongly that (the order to drive to Modesto) was a pretext to force him to quit his job.”

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


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