Arrogant #BayArea #bigot chef attacks #IvankaTrump for trying to empower woman

Another arrogant bigot from San Francisco has captured the attention of the Bay Area media.

Chef Angela Dimayuga, who has restaurants in San Francisco and New York City, is suddenly a political rocket scientist who’s opinion we’re supposed to care about.

Apparently Chef “know-it-all” doesn’t like Ivanka Trump’s efforts to empower women. As if we’re supposed to care what she thinks about Ms. Trump.

Note Chef “know-it-all” doesn’t have an opinion on important local issues, like the police executing the poor, the homeless, people of color or the mentally ill. Maybe because they can’t afford a meal in one of her restaurants.

She’s obviously a moron, but because she’s wealthy and from the Bay Area, it’s newsworthy.

Read the whole story in the Mercury News


One comment

  1. check this crazies restaurant OFF of my list of places to eat.. Wonder if she’ll figure out that her restaurants and leftist politics don’t make for a good profit line.


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