Bad news California Democrats: Consumer in the Golden State love #Trump

Bad news for all you feckless Democrats living in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and in Malibu. California consumers seem to be basking in a continued Trump Bump.

As 2017 gets going, two yardsticks of statewide shopper psyche showed optimism continues a rise that was in place before Election Day but got even hotter after Donald Trump won the White House:

Chapman University’s consumer sentiment index topped its cyclical high in the first quarter. It jumped to 111.4 from 105.5 in the previous quarter and topping the old 108.9 peak reached in 2014’s third quarter.

“With the stock market continuing to post record-breaking levels, it appears consumers are maintaining their optimism.”

Statistics on a national level reveal that buoyant Californians weren’t alone. Nationally, shopper optimism hit a 16-year high in March.

Read the whole story in the Orange County Register


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