#California wants to force other states to adopt command and control #climatechange policies

California made no secret of its ambitions when it enacted a landmark law on global warming just over a decade ago. Progress here on slashing greenhouse gas emissions, the law said, would have “far-reaching effects by encouraging other states, the federal government and other countries to act.”

Now the goal has become more critical than ever as President Trump rolls back national environmental regulations. No matter how hard California pushes, the country will fall short of its obligations under the Paris agreement on climate change unless more states try to keep pace.

So far, experts say, not enough is being done. A dozen states are emulating California’s rules on tailpipe emissions, and even more are setting benchmarks for increasing renewable energy. But persuading them to adopt other, more ambitious policies, such as requiring polluters to pay fees through a cap-and-trade system, remains elusive despite years of efforts.

The gap in environmental policies between California and other states has quickly morphed into a source of international concern.

Environmental advocates say changing the landscape will mean increasing their pressure in statehouses, which are mostly controlled by Republicans.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One comment

  1. I guess those states aren’t as stupid as Jerry voters.. Look at the price of gasoline ( going up & up ), electricity ( 18.5 cents a kilowatt ) and other energy sources in kaly and then it’s easy to figure out why those states aren’t in any hurry to create mass poverty like Jerry and his voters are doing. Almost all big business has left Kaly and the only area were it still remains is the Silicon Valley and they are starting to slowly move to TEXAS were taxes are low and common sense is in good supply.


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