The #CaGOP’s message of #hate, #bigotry and #racism isn’t selling in California

Race based hate is the cornerstone of the California Republican Party.

Republicans have held tightly to their seats in the House of Representatives, but the latest data beg the question of whether the party’s grip could be loosening.

Fourteen congressional districts are represented by Republicans. But in none do they comprise a majority of voters.

That Republicans aren’t dominant in congressional districts isn’t exactly breaking news. However, last month’s state registration report reveals an accelerated erosion of GOP strength.

“There are a number of Republican incumbents who are sitting on ticking time bombs,” said Eric McGhee, a researcher at the Public Policy Institute of California.

“There’s a long-term trend for Republican registration to be sagging,” McGhee said. The reason, as he and other researchers have found, is that young Californians coming into the political mainstream are registering either as Democrats or as unaffiliated “no party preference” voters. While some still occasionally choose GOP candidates, voters from days gone by — the ones being replaced — were reliable and registered as Republicans.

In short, the California Republican Party’s message of hate, bigotry and racism isn’t selling in California any longer.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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