If you’re not #Liberal, people in #Berkeley will beat you senseless

First Amendment? Not in Berkeley.

Long a hotbed of political protest, the community has emerged as the epicenter of Liberal bigotry.

If you have a different world view, be prepared to be beaten senseless. Don’t expect the Police State to help you either.

The latest example of this came Saturday.

Berkeley is one of America’s most liberal cities, with a long history of left-wing activism. Trump supporters used the city as a setting for a Patriots Day rally Saturday.

It goes beyond protests and counter-protests.

Berkeley was once a potent symbol because of its role as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement in 1964. That of course is a joke today.

The Left has become more militant, employing the “black bloc” of demonstrators. They come to fight, the come to kill.

Read the whole story in the  LA Times


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