#FoxNews and #UCBerkeley have something in common…and it’s pathetic

The lesson likely to be widely drawn from the eviction of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News is that even the biggest of big shots can’t evade their comeuppance forever. Put simply, “what goes around comes around.”

This will no doubt gratify the legions who detest O’Reilly for his politics, his abusive manners, his baleful influence on American public discourse and his reported history of sexual harassment, the proximate cause of his departure from Fox.

But it’s the wrong lesson. The right lesson is less uplifting. It’s that if you bring in lots of money for your employer and have the right friends in the right places, you can get away with the most egregious conduct almost forever.

What may be most telling about the O’Reilly case is that it’s far from unique. Indeed, many of its features were replicated at an institution that, on the surface, is as different from Fox as one could imagine: UC Berkeley. Neither Fox nor Berkeley would probably relish being discussed in the same sentence as the other, but it’s their handling of accused serial harassers that makes them cousins.

Read the whole article in the LA Times


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