Marine sets trap for stupid #SonomaCounty thug deputies

Video released Wednesday provides the first public glimpse of a violent encounter last fall between a Boyes Hot Springs man and a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy, who was later charged with beating the man as he lay in his own bed.

The 68-second cellphone video was taken by Fernando Del Valle, 38, the night of Sept. 24 after neighbors summoned deputies to his Highland Boulevard home on reports the Marine Corps veteran was arguing with his wife.

It opens as Del Valle talks to two deputies who are alleged to have broken down his bedroom door and are ordering him to stand up.

Del Valle refuses, instead training his camera on them and warning, “I got you on video. Go ahead. Tase me.”

Within seconds, former Deputy Scott Thorne, 40, steps forward and fires his stun gun at Del Valle, hitting him on his bare chest.

Del Valle can be heard screaming and the camera angle shifts around the room and toward the bed as he squirms and begins to suffer what his lawyer said were numerous baton blows from Thorne. The sounds of the strikes are captured on the audio track.

Toward the end of the video, Del Valle’s wife can be heard calling out to him and telling deputies, “He’s not doing anything.” Del Valle instructs her to take his phone and give it to his lawyer.

The video goes black as he shouts repeatedly, “Call my lawyer!”

Del Valle was taken to jail but cleared of any charges after prosecutors reviewed body camera recordings made by Thorne and two other deputies at the scene.

Thorne, who a Press Democrat investigation revealed had a track record of excessive force complaints in previous jobs, was fired. He was charged with felony assault by a law officer and is awaiting trial in late June.

Read the whole story in the Press Democrat


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