Weed King: The #PoliceState’s worst nightmare

San Francisco rapper and marijuana mogul Berner arrived for a pricey steak dinner at Hillstone near Fisherman’s Wharf with deep, dark circles under his eyes.

A self-made millionaire and king of a cannabis empire, the 33-year-old is busy — almost too busy. “I sleep three to four hours a night,” he says.

See, Berner is not great at delegating. “Hippie Hill,” his second annual musical smoke-out at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Thursday, April 20, runs with a lot of direct input from Berner himself. He booked all the acts and is on the hook for ticket sales.

“I don’t necessarily even break even,” he says. “I just do it to bring some dope s— to the city.”

“Hippie Hill” is a summation of everything Berner does: a celebration of community, music and, at its core, weed. The festival’s name refers to an open field in Golden Gate Park where tens of thousands of weed lovers have gathered every year on April 20 for decades. “Four-twenty” started as Marin County subculture slang for “time to get stoned,” and the phrase has grown into a de facto global weed holiday, akin to St. Patrick’s Day.

“Hippie Hill has been the monumental 4/20 event since I was a kid,” Berner says. “You’ve got Folsom Street Fair, all these holidays, and Hippie Hill has been right there with it.”

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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