Criminal doctors busted in California for running prescription drug kickback racket

Southern California prosecutors have charged 26 doctors and other medical professionals in an alleged kickback scheme that may have defrauded up to 13,000 patients.

It will be interesting to watch the feckless and racist California Medical Association try to defend their behavior. Stay tuned.

The defendants doctors scored $40 million by overcharging for medication or prescribed balms that had no known medical value.

State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said the plot was spearheaded by Tanya and Christopher King of Beverly Hills, the owners of two medical billing and management companies. The husband and wife are accused of paying doctors to prescribe unnecessary medications and tests. Authorities said the doctors and the companies associated with them then masked those kickbacks as “marketing expenses.”

The owners of Steven’s Pharmacy in Costa Mesa, Charles Bonner and Mervyn Miller, are accused of working with the Kings to prescribe more than $1 million worth of creams that had not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and were not known to have medical benefits, authorities said.

Feckless greedy doctors charged in the case also ordered unnecessary urine tests, under the guise that they wanted to confirm their patients were taking prescribed medications, investigators said.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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