Feckless #racist #SFPOA’s war on women

A new advertisement paid for by the San Francisco Police Officers Association that calls out San Francisco police chief for promoting too few women into leadership positions is being called hypocritical by union critics.

The feckless and racist POA has far fewer female employees in leadership positions than the department as a whole and has opposed anti-bias reforms.

The ad, a radio piece, outrageously argues that newly appointed Chief William Scott’s reorganization of the department leadership included too few women and that more women in leadership positions will help the department move forward.

Such claims are coming from a union that has a mixed record on diversity and bias, and one that seems to have amnesia when it comes to how women came into the ranks.

Of the 32 members of the POA Board of Directors, only two are female. And none of the five-person elected executive board are women, she added.

John Crew, a police watchdog and former ACLU lawyer, said, “It takes a lot of nerve for an organization that fought tooth and nail both the gender and racial integration of this department to run an ad like this.”


Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner


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