#JimBrulte and the #irrelevant #CaGOP bleat about #UCBerkeley, #AnnCoulter

The head of the California Republican Party is demanding Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom intervene on conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s behalf with University of California, Berkeley officials.

“I ask that you use your influence to ensure the free speech of conservatives at the University of California, Berkeley,” Jim Brulte’s letter, sent Friday, reads in part. “It is becoming clear that there is a developing pattern and practice of treating speakers invited by conservative student groups differently than liberal speakers on that historic university campus.”

California GOPers waiting for Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley.

Pretty funny stuff coming from the leader of California’s super-minority party.

Coulter had been scheduled to speak at the campus at the invitation of the Berkeley College Republicans on April 27 on the subject of illegal immigration. But on Wednesday, university officials cancelled the event, citing safety concerns.

There have been multiple instances of politically inspired violence at Berkeley in recent days, including violent protests that led to the cancellation of a planned speech by former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos, a battle between supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump in March and another such fight on April 15.

Brulte has been head of the failed California Republican Party since 2013. Rather than bleating to the Governor and Lt. Governor, perhaps Brulte should look at the option of winning some elections instead?

Read the whole story in the San Bernardino Sun

One comment

  1. Sounds like you’re saying it’s ok for the majority government to limit the speech of those who support an opposition party.


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